"Pulling for Freedom."  Wrestlers struggle for immortality against the Sweaty Hog Nuts. Oh, and I use "The Force."

Click an image to enjoy one of these great short stories. 

"Everyday Superstar."  Daydreams, A Durrango, and a Dead-end job.  Yes, that is Roddy Piper.

Will Bleed for Food

Have you ever been asked to bleed for money?  Make Money! Bleed now!  Read this!

The Great Green Hope

Every Wrestler Sees themselves Living a Gimmick- This one was doomed from the start...

"Psychology."   A mind-job of a story about battling insanity while training to be a wrestler.  And running around in a thong.

"Romeo Makes Tacos."  One of my favourite wrestlers in the whole world lives life to the fullest while we cringe in horror.