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I have to buy"-- Eric Young

Romeo Makes Tacos

from "You're Gonna Hurt Yourself" the wrestling book by Ben Nelson Creed

Once in a lifetime you meet a person who defies description.  You meet someone who truly is unbelievable, not through notoriety or celebrity, but simply through their “qua” essence of being.  You think you understand them, you think you have them pegged neatly into a category, but then ...

"The wrestling world is very different from most other aspects of life. Ben has encapsulated the likes of wrestlers, and other shenanigans, perfectly"-- Tyson Kidd

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"Worst Doink Ever" -- Sinn Bodhi

"Very well done-- and at times hilarious!"-- Jeff Jarrett you're gonna hurt yourself


You're Gonna Hurt Yourself

a wrestling book by Ben Nelson Creed

Before I became a professional wrestler, everyone told me "You're gonna hurt yourself."  They were right.  But it was worth it.
     Experience the hidden reality of independent professional wrestling; the real stories, real failures and real characters.  Live Nelson's adventures as he chases down his dream watching others do the same.  Most of them fail.  Some of them escape unbroken.  A few of them "make it" as professional wrestlers.
     The stories are completely unbelievable yet completely true.  Think you know what it's like to be a wrestler?  Think again. This book is a must-read for any wrestling fan or would-be professional wrestler.

Pulling for Freedom

from "You're Gonna Hurt Yourself" a Wrestling Book by Ben Nelson Creed

 The Tug-O-War was the only contest at The Animal Olympics that didn’t involve booze, so it was a bit of a let-down in one regard, but in every other way it was awesome.
        Our team consisted of a bunch of pro wrestlers, a few big monsters like Stumble, and a gang of scraggly drinkers who would fight you even if there was no chance of winning... ​