Unbeatable in terms of volume and insight.  Bret tells everything, from affairs and drugs to tough times growing up as a Hart and his role in the biggest double-cross in pro wrestling history.  The best value there is in wrestling books.

Wrestling isn't always glamorous... or well done... or even watchable.  Wrestlecrap highlights the absolute worst, yet most entertaining, errors and entertainers in pro wrestling history.  Head shaking and funny, this is definitely worth reading.

"The Grappler" Len Denton is perhaps the best wrestler from his era who never signed a major contract.  His biography puts the real flavour of the old territories onto the page and into the mind of anyone who reads this well-written, exciting throwback biography. 

The ground-breaking biography that started the wrestling book craze.  Funny, genuine, informative, Foley blew away critics in this fantastic self-penned biopic.

The top 5 must- read wrestling books.

(that we've read)...

​you're gonna hurt yourself buy wrestling books

How do you tell stories of The Eighth Wonder of the World that do this legend justice?  You don't tell; you show stories in a stylized, graphic novel. 

Fascinating and gripping, at times inconceivable, you won't be able to put this amazing book down-- it's that good.