Gimmick (Noun).  Used as in "What’s your gimmick?"  A gimmick can be any object or thing (hand me the gimmick), but is usually a wrestler’s persona. For example, The Iron Sheik is an Iranian Sheik and Stone Cold Steve Austin is a redneck from Texas.  A gimmick is what makes you stand out from the crowd.
  There are marketing gimmicks (“Set it and forget it”, “Zoom-Zoom”, “I’m loving it”) and personality gimmicks like Kim Khardashian being an air-head to Donald Trump being a blow-hard. How does this help you? If someone was to draw your caricature, what would they draw? Good or bad, that's probably your gimmick.
  Whether you are and employee, in sales, or just someone trying to stand out from the crowd, your gimmick is what people identify you with. It’s your brand. If you don’t have one, get one to get over.

Over(Adjective). We all know a co-worker or sibling that gets

away with murder and brushes it off no problem. Why?

Because they are over.
  In wrestling, "over" is how much people believe in you and how

much of a reaction you get from a crowd or fan, good or bad.

Take John Cena and children. Kids universally love him.

He's over.

  Life Hack: if you’re not over, people don’t believe in you or care about you. Get over, and anything is possible. Something as simple as wearing a jersey you know a customer or boss will like can get you over via cheap heat.   And you can probably stay over for a long time so long as you avoid the wrong type of heat.

  Heat(noun) as in “She had a lot of heat in San Diego”. Heat means the response that a wrestler (usually a  heel) elicits from a crowd or fan. Take Hulk Hogan. He was over with people and the media. Lately though, he has had a lot of heat due to his divorce, sex tape, racists rants… odds are he will be over again in the future, but for now the heat is keeping him a heel in the public eye. He needs to work his good guy image more.

  Life Hack: know what will get you heat and avoid it.  At work, heat with the boss one day might blow over; get heat every day, and you're in trouble. Going back to the sports Jersey analogy; playfully wear a rival team's jersey to work one day, then co-workers will talk to you and remember your face.  Wear the local team jersey next game day, and boom! you've joined the good guys and will be over at work.  A little taste of heat can pay off.  Remember to work  your crowd and work your gimmick to stay over in a positive way.


Work(Noun/Verb) and Working (Verb)
  Working (verb, as in "He's working you") and

(verb and noun, as in "Politics are a work) have two very

important meanings. First, working a crowd means you

are engaging them. Hulk Hogan holding his hand to his

ear? The Rock raising his eyebrow? Those are wrestlers

working the crowd. There are countless ways to work

your crowd, be they coworkers, customers, in-laws, or bosses. The trick is doing it in a way that is over; high-fives? Free coffee? Bad Jokes?  Marginally different, a work means something that is not real. Wrestling matches are almost always a work. They are not real competitions, but good wrestlers convince fans they are. Interestingly, often the responses that works draw are bigger than real life.
  Life Hack: Think of the excitement for Star Wars, Harry Potter, or The Notebook. All works. All get emotional responses from people. If you want to be successful in life, people say fake it till you make it. Wrestlers work their gimmicks long enough until people believe it. You pretend to be the person you want to be.  Keep working yourself and your crowd that you are your ideal you, and in the end, you will shoot be that person.

Shoot(Noun/Verb).  A real wrestling match is a shoot; fighting for real is shooting. Amongst wrestlers, there are workers and shooters. Shooters are the ones that can really hurt you. This is pretty easy to understand in wrestling and life. If a joke goes too far, or if someone is trying to hurt you, get ready for a shoot.
  Life Hack: You’ve had enough heat and are tired of working a smile. You don’t care if you are over; someone’s gimmick is driving you nuts. It's time to shoot.
  As Shakespeare said, “Beware of entrance to a quarrel, but being in, bear 't that th' opposèd may beware of thee.”
Or as Steve Austin might say, "Austin 3:16 says I'm gonna whoop your ass!"

Photo Credits: (Jim Duggan) Greaterpavw make a wish (John Cena) (Hulk Hogan)

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